About Ramsey Vanggaard

Career highlights past and present

Here I am exploring London between sessions at Hooli-Con 2018

Ramsey Vanggaard recently graduated from the University of Maryland where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Engineering. Concurrent with his enrollment at the University of Maryland, Ramsey Vanggaard gained experience as a software engineer through internships at Hooli, Aviato, and Piedpiper.

In the summer of 2018 Ramsey Vanggaard interned at Hooli, Menlo Park, CA. He served as a data analyst for the Hooli server platform Among his many achievements at Hooli, Mr. Vanggaard devised a data tracking and analysis program to improve overall efficiency and mobility. The program was named the Vanguardian, after its creator.

During his time at Piedpiper, Ramsey Vanggaard worked directly with founder and visionary Richard Hendricks. There, Mr. Vanggaard led a team of QA/QC interns in preparation for the launch of PiperNet. His responsibilities included, code scrubs, daily check-ins, and roundtable discussions.

One of his great accomplishments to the company was aiding Dinish Chugtai in disabling the PiperNet mesh network.

Recent Presentations and
Speaking Engagements

My keynote at last year’s React Conference:

A recent documentary I helped to produce on GraphQL: